ISODisk 1.1

Mount up to 20 ISO files as virtual drives


  • Up to 20 simultaneous mounted virtual drives
  • Includes a tool to create ISO files from CD


  • Only accepts ISO as image format
  • Doesn't allow to create ISOs from local folders


ISO files are often the most comfortable way to work with back-up copies, CD-based operating systems and software that requires a disk being inserted in your drive.

ISODisk lets you mount up to 20 simultaneous virtual drives based on ISO files. These may contain a complete operating system, a backup of your important files or even a copy of a game or program that needs to be constantly reading off the disk – which may end up ruining the actual physical support.

The program also includes a special tool, found on a separate tab, with which you can create ISO files from your CD disks. Unfortunately ISODisk doesn't let you create ISOs with the folders on your system.

If you ever need to work with ISO files as mounted virtual drives, ISODisk is a great choice.



ISODisk 1.1

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